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Archive of Past Events:

January 01, 2007: A consolidated web page of everything relating to Yataiki... more

November 14, 2006: A blast from the past - 2003 Team Yataiki Workshop... more

November 11, 2006: Jay's Bridge in Olympia, Washington... more

November 4, 2006: Japanese Hand Plane Gallery... more

October 13, 2006: Yataiki photos from the Team Yataiki workshop at The Arques School of Traditional Boatbuilding (April 2003)... more

July 06, 2006: Red Cedar Fence For the Japanese Garden... more

July 06, 2006: Hiroshi Sakaguchi's Works at the Lake Merritt Japanese Garden... more

May 21, 2006: Herman Hsu's home workshop... more

May 7, 2006: San Francisco Chronicle's Decorating With Jennifer Thompson, by Jane Meredith Adams. Jay van Arsdale is mentioned in the article for his work on the shoji screens (be sure to check out the photos).

April 30, 2006: Daiku Dojo participates at Nikkei Matsuri in San Jose Japantown... more

Mar 2006:

Feb 2006: California Daiku Make a Quiet Scene -- Traditionally, Japanese structures are ... more

Oct. 2005: Kezurou-Kai (planing contest) -- Carpenters from Japan and U.S. doing an annual tune-up and turn-on of good ol' hand planing... more

May 2005. June Steingart Art Gallery Exhibit: Laney College's Woodtech Department showcases the work by faculty and students. The quality of the work is quite high. There are lantern, shoji, chair, tables, bowls. boxes, and many others... more

2003. Team Yataki: The two workshops with Yataiki, held at the Arques Boat Schoo in Sausalito, were a great success.  One picture is shown below, of Yataiki working at the new forge created for him... more