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Daiku Dojo News in Chronological Order

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2009/12/06 - The Gate and Fence Project at the Japanese Garden in Oakland, CA. (Merritt Garden Center)
2009/10/10 - Piedmont (North Carolina) Japanese Carpentry Club - handplaning contest on Saturday, Dec 12, 2009. Also check out the club's home page at http://www.gsodogu.com/, maintained by Phillip Fuentes.
2009/08/30 - Japanese Hand Tools II Class - Tansu joinery.
2009/05/05 - Added California Daiku, Jay van Arsdale's new web site, to the Links page. Jay just released a new DVD set on Kanna.
2009/02/02 - Japanese Hand Tools II Class - Dovetailed through mortise and tenon joinery.
2009/02/01 - Japanese Hand Tools II Class - Natural Waterstone Workshop With Alex Gilmore.
2009/02/01 - Tool donations from friends of Daiku Dojo.
2009/01/19 - Japanese Hand Tools II Class - Dovetailed half lap joinery.
2008/07/31 - Summer Class: Designing, Building, and Installing Shoji - 2008/06/24 through 2008/07/31.
2008/06/14 - Kezurou-Kai event at Walton's Saw Works in S