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Gate and Fence Project at the Japanese Garden (Merritt Lake Garden Center) in Oakland, CA

The Merritt Garden Center is located at 666 Bellevue Ave, Oakland CA 94610. Find more information about the garden at Yelp.

Project Updates

2008/08/15 The Japanese Garden in Oakland, California is seeking donation and raising fund for the gate and fence restoration project. A model of the new gate and fence by Jay van Arsdale can be seen in the brochure below. Jay and his students will participate in the project, when funding becomes available.

2008/10/19 (Sunday) between 12pm-4pm, the Japanese Garden will be celebrating the beginning of the gate and fence project. Some of the day's events include Japanese carpentry and joinery demo by Jay and students, pruning demo, and Taiko drum show.


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2005/10/23 The gate project at the Japanese Garden began with the Kezurou-Kai event in October 2005. Mr. Sugimura, leader of the Kezurou-Kai group, and a group of Japanese carpenters and event participants joined force in building the first gate.
2006/07/06 Project Phase 0 - Jay van Arsdale and students built a section of fence and trellis for the garden's wisteria plant.
2009/05/31 Gate Project, Phase I - Jay van Arsdale and students built a large gate for the garden's back entrance.
2009/08/15 Jay van Arsdale's fence mockup.
2009/09/16 Site survey.
2009/12/01 Gate Project, Phase II - Two small side gates and a fence section added.

Last Update:
2008/09/27 - Page created by Bob Le.
2008/11/29 - Added JVA's mockup gate.
2009/12/06 - Added gate project I & II, site survey, and misc.