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Kezurou kai 2005, California, U.S.

Oct. 2005: Kezurou-Kai (planing contest) -- Carpenters from Japan and U.S. doing an annual tune-up and turn-on of good ol' hand planing. You will see some daikus making the longest, thinnest, widest shavings from the port orford cedar, hinoki, or other wood. This year's will be held on October 22nd and 23d at the Japanese garden at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. Every year the location of the Kezurou-Kai event changes. Some in Southern California, some in the east coast, some in Japan. Go to http://www.hidatool.com/kezuroukai.html to see more about the past Kezurou-Kai.

Oct. 22, 2005: Day 1. 4 Japanese daikus plus 1 apprentice and 1 Japanese gardener arrived at the Lake Merritt's Garden Center. After a brief introduction by the proprietor of Hida Tool of these great craftsmen, the head of Kezurou kai, Sugimura-san, showed us a diagram of the gate, of which Jay was in charge of the door section, everybody started to pitch in and cut joints on the pre-milled redwood stock. see photos by Jim and photos 1.

Oct. 23, 2005: Day 2. Joints were cut and ready for assmebly. Well, almost ready. As one might imagine, with a large crowd participating, some joints were done less square than the others, so a few problems ensued. But at the end of day, the gate was complete and installed in its place. Although the planing contest didn't take place, it was a special day. See photos 2 and photos 3 and photos 4.

Thank you letter from Dick Austin of Friends of the Japanese Garden for the new gate.