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Gallery of Work by Daiku Dojo Members

Daiku Dojo members enjoy doing woodworking project by hand, with almost no machine assistance. Hand tools take time to learn. The result is distinctively different from the machine-made, as the pictures below show. Structures such as gates, doors, bulletin boards, benches are some of the projects we do. We are a community organization, and we like to work with other community organizations to build and beautify our communities. If you have questions or comments about our work, see contact info to find out how to get in touch with us.

Teak Gate: Jason Stearns (More photos).

Display cabinet: Herman Hsu. Herman did this project while attending the summer session of Tools & Techniques at College of the Redwoods. See also Herman's Workshop.

Door: Barry Stone, Alaskan yellow cedar (More photos).

Cabinets, saw holder: Herbert Harris, cabinet is white oak and santos mahogany with alder secondary wood. Tin panels are hand punched. Finished with Shellac. Router cabinet is white oak. Saw holder is unspecified wood.

Cabinet: Linda Trenholm.

Buddha Shrine: Rene Almon

Door: Jim Clarke, Western Red Cedar, 80" x 31.5" x 1", no finish

Gate: Daiku Dojo members, Redwood posts, port orford cedar, 96" x 72" x 36", no finish.

Trestle Table: Herman Hsu, Machiche and mahogany, 48" x 30.5" x 30", oil/varnish finish.

Screen: Barry Stone, Poplar, pink fabric,

Sawhorse: Deborah Greene, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Brazilian rosewood wedges, 27" x 22" x 24", oil & beeswax finish.