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Tools, Technique, Tips, and Talks of Japanese-style woodworking.

Japanese Saws and "Metate" - The best thing about a Japanese handsaw (nokogiri) is that it makes it fun to saw. Once you get the hang of the pull stroke and get the groove going, a sharp and well-conditioned ryoba... more.

Japanese Tools - Japan is a culture deeply based in wood. The cultural edifices of ancient lineage are all wooden structures, as seen in the Buddhist temples at Nara and Shinto Shrines ... more.

Never a Dull Moment - Pointing up, or sharpening, the teeth, is traditionally done by hand with a “feather file” (yasuri), a name that refers to the pattern of teeth cut into the file... more.

Yataiki - Endo Tomoya goes by several names. Miyano Tetsu No Suke is a title given to his great-grandfather by the Emperor for making the best saws in Japan. His grandfather and father used the same title ... more.

Feb. 03, 2006: A Visit to College of the Redwoods, fineFURNITURE Program

Herman: You may have heard of James Krenov or the fine furniture making program at the College of the Redwoods. Deb and Brian have gone there... more.

Spring '05 sememster at Laney:

Herman: That tabletop was made of machiche, a tropical exotic hardwood that's just about as hard as purpleheart, or frozen steak. ... more.