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Fence Project For the Japanese Garden - Lake Merritt, Oakland CA - 2006/07/06

The community project is to build a fence extension for the gate which was built last year during the Kezurou-Kai event at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA (October 2005). The trellis is for supporting the garden's wisteria plants. The lumber was donated by Jason Stearns' company, Ryan Associates - over $1000 worth of old-growth redwoods. The work took 5 days to complete but stretched over a one month period. We did the bulk of the work in Jay's shop before spending the final day for the on-site installation.

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Day 1 (2006/06/10): Layout, cutting mortises and tenons.
Day 2 (2006/06/11): More cutting mortises and tenons.
Day 3 (2006/06/25): Planing of boards/posts, cutting grooves, mortises and tenons.
Day 4 (2006/07/05): Finish planing. Moving parts to job site.
Day 5 (2006/07/06): Site installation