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Daiku Dojo at Nikkei Matsuri - 2006/04/30

Nikkei Matsuri, the Japanese American Cultural Festival, is coming to Japantown in San Jose. Daiku Dojo will be demonstrating Japanese hand tools and woodworking techniques at the festival. Bring your tools and join us on April 30th at the corner of 5th & Jackson Street in San Jose!

Jay van Arsdale and friend John Burt designed the project, a bulletin board, and also donated the woods toward the project. Jay and students had started some of the work in class (see class session 2006/04/29 and 2006/05/06). Once completed, the bulletin board will be donated to the Japanese American Museum in San Jose.

Click here to see Herman's photos of the various cultural activities at Nikkei Matsuri.

Thanks to Ken Matsumoto for providing the power feed for our laptop, and for covering us from the scorching sun with his giant umbrella.

Jay and John discussing layout for the project.
John cut the feet out of Port Orford Cedar - stocks which were once leftover from Larry Ellison's Japanese Villa project, which John won in an auction. That's quite an interesting story.
Our Daiku Dojo flag. The bamboo post came from Jay's backyard.
Phil and Jason test fitting the bamboo rods in the lower stretcher.
Black bamboo rods mounted on the lower stretcher. The stretcher is sitting on John's planing beam. The planing beam is a really cool design - the ends are tenons which can sit ontop of the trestles or clamped below the trestles if you want to lower the beam by 4 inches.
John brought his collection of Shapton stones to share with the class. Here, John is flattening a stone using Shapton's new glass diamond lapping plate. John belongs to Shapton's beta program.
Jason cutting a tenon.
Jason and child.
We put together a Show and Tell display of Japanese joinery. It was very popular with the crowd. That's Phil and Herman posing for the camera.
Rare Bob sighting! (He's usually behind the camera) Bob finish planing the top rail of the bulletin board with Phil assisting.
Donna discussing joinery with some visitors.
Phil cleaning up the mortise for the feet.
We brought along a laptop to show visitors our Daiku Dojo web site. Unfortunately, it was a very sunny day so it was difficult to see what was on the screen. Also, we all got scorched a little bit by the sun.
The bulletin board taking shape.
Jay about to install the top rail.
The almost complete project.
Donna taking a breather.
Matt sharpening a plane blade.
John Burt's toolbox. He's got a lot of good stuff in there. First impression one has is, "Man, look at the size of that toolbox!" We all learned a lot from John this day, who was generously giving away his knowledge.
John Burt.

We actually did not complete the project. It was disassembled and taken back to Laney for more work - see 2006/05/06 class photos.