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Laney College's Japanese Hand Tools II Class - 2005/05/06

Jay test driving Bob's new plane. The dai was made using the instructions from the Making a Dai series. Blade is set at 50-degree angle.
Nice, fine poplar shavings.
Bob's dai - top view.
Philip making a trestle.
Lee working on what appears to be another shoji.
Jim repairing a piece which will go on the bulletin board.
Donna and her work-in-progress trestles.
One of the legs of the bulletin board.
Jason's toolbox (work in progress). According to Jason, there will be 3 levels. The box we we here will become the bottom level for storing planes.
Matt and Jay assembling the bulletin board.
Jim begins work on his new dai for his Katsusaburo. Japanese white oak is really tough to chip through!