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Team Yataiki is a volunteer organization of woodworkers with a particular interest in Japanese hand tools, joinery and other allied traditional crafts. We are committed to bringing Miyano Endo-san to the SF Bay Area for unique hands-on instruction in use of the Japanese charcoal forge for blacksmithing, blade and saw making.

Report on the workshop in California

The two workshops with Yataiki, held at the Arques Boat School in Sausalito, were a great success.  One picture is shown below, of Yataiki working at the new forge created for him. 

The workshop participants closely watched as Yataiki  1)  forged a many layer billet of hard and soft steel.  A billet that might be used for making a yari-ganna (Japanese spear plane, sometimes yari-kanna).  2) Forged and shaped (with a sen) a Japanese yari-ganna and  3) Forged a sen.  A sen is a special hard steel tool used for scraping, especially in saw making.

The attendees made hammers from steel stock. The hammers were given a final fire hardening under Yataiki's direction.  One group participated in the making ten sets of blacksmith’s tongs which they took with them.  Because of time, some were finished, some need further work.  Through it all Yataiki worked hard at the forge the group built for him as though he couldn’t have been more happily occupied.  Participants said that it would be hard to describe the value of the experience of watching, having their work critiqued by Yataiki and carrying away tools with the mark of a world expert.  You’ll have to be there next time.