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June Steingart Art Gallery Exhibit:

May 2005. Laney College's Woodtech Department showcases the work by faculty and students. The quality of the work is quite high. There are lantern, shoji, chair, tables, bowls. boxes, and many others. The pieces are done by Jay, Jay's students, students from other woodworking classes, and even an instructor from the carpentry department of Laney College. Although it was only a short exhibit that lasted about 3 weeks, we were glad to have a chance to let the public to see our work. June Steingart Art Gallery is located at the first floor of the Administration building of Laney College, Oakland, CA.

Main Exhibit Room:

Bench and Bowl

Wall Display

Desk and Library Steps

Cad Drawings of a Joint

Actual Joint


Table and Bowl

Boxes, Letter Knives

Blanket Chest

Gate, being assembled