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Nomi - Nagaoke: Kikuhiromaru Slicks

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Nagaoke's hammer-traced pattern slicks - 25 inches long. Jay acquired these slicks a while back from his friend, Robert Meadow. Nagaoke is from Sanjyo.

Size: 24mm and 51mm
Steel Type: White steel #2
Owner: Jay van Arsdale

Last Update:
2007/05/20 - Added Bob's black finish 24mm slick with additional descriptions from So Yamashita of http://japan-tool.com/.
2006/11/17 - Page created by Bob Le.

1, 2 [Full size]
3 [Full size]
4, 5 [Full size] [Full size]
8, 9 [Full size]
10, 11 - Wade using the Kikuhiromaru slick.
12, 13 [Full size] [Full size] - Bob's 24mm Kikuhiromaru black-finish slick. This slick was made by Nagayoshi Shouji who has retired. His son, Kazuyoshi, continues to produce the Kikuhiromaru line of products.
14, 15 [Full size] [Full size]
16 [Full size]
17 [Full size]
18 [Full size]
19, 20 [Full size] [Full size] - From http://japan-tool.com/: "The handle material is Japanese Red Oak. This handle is made by a renowned handle maker from Sanjyo city, Kane-ei. This maker makes high quality handles for almost every famous brand from Sanjyo, including Tasai, Kunikei, Sukemaru, etc. The Red Oak used for this chisel is especially a good one, being very deep in colour."