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Gallery of Japanese Chisels (Nomi)

This is a gallery of Japanese chisels which are owned by our members and friends. We strive to provide accurate information but given that we don't speak Japanese, the information might be inaccurate. If you would like to make corrections or contribute pictures to this gallery, please contact Bob Le.

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Nomi Makers/Brands

Nagaoke- Kikuhiromaru Slicks
Chutaro Imai- Sword Steel Atsu-nomi
Takahashi- Sokozarai (Bottom scraping chisel)
Tasai- Mokume Push Chisels

1 - Nagaoke: Kikuhiromaru "Hammer Trace" Slick.
2 - Chutaro Imai: Sword Steel Atsu-nomi.
3 - Takahashi: Sokozarai (Bottom scraping chisel).
4 - Tasai: Mokume Push Chisels.