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Nokogiri - Jyuntaro Mitsukawa III: Mitsukawa Ryoba #1

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180mm ryoba with 0.34mm kerf. 2.5mm pitch/10 tpi rip teeth and 25 tpi crosscut. I'm told by Hida Tool folks that this is a handmade saw, but the price point would indicate otherwise. In anycase, it's a really nice, sensitive saw good for detailed works. I use it for cutting dovetails and small joints. Hida Tool folks recommended to use this saw very gently. They had received complaints in the past that this saw breaks easily.

Size: 180mm
Teeth: 2.5mm pitch/10 tpi rip, 25 tpi crosscut.
Blade Width: 2-3/4" toe, 2-1/4" heel. This blade is skinnier than the typical ryoba of the same size.
Steel Type: ???
Owner: Bob Le

Last Update:
2007/02/14 - Page created by Bob Le
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