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Gallery of Japanese Pull Saws (Nokogiri)

This is a gallery of Japanese pull saws which are owned by our members and friends. We strive to provide accurate information but given that we don't speak Japanese, the information might be inaccurate. If you would like to make corrections or contribute pictures to this gallery, please contact Bob Le.

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Nokogiri Makers/Brands

Hideo Shindo- Ryu (Dragon) Ryoba
Jyuntaro Mitsukawa III- Mitsukawa Ryoba #1
 - Mitsukawa Ryoba #1 Hardwood (replaceable blade)
Nakajima- Nakajima Ryoba

1 - Hideo Shindo: Ryu (Dragon) Ryoba.
2 - Nakajima: Nakajima Ryoba.
3 - Jyuntaro Mitsukawa III: Mitsukawa Ryoba #1.
4 - Jyuntaro Mitsukawa III: Mitsukawa Ryoba #2 Hardwood (replaceable blade).