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Toolboxes and Tool Storage

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Last Update:
2006/01/28 - Page created by Bob Le.
2007/03/14 - Added Jay's saw storage box.
2008/01/27 - Added links to small toolboxes.

Added on 2007/03/14 - Jay van Arsdale's box for storing nokogiri (Japanese saws).
Added on 2007/03/14 - Jay's small toolbox.
Added on 2007/02/10 - Jim Clarke's new small toolbox for storin g paring chisels and other small tools like the finger planes. The material is Spanish cedar.
Added on 2007/01/30. Deborah Greene's redwood toolbox.
Jay's saw stand (front view). The "hand" holds 3 Japanese pull saws.
Jay's saw stand (back view).
Jay's saw stand ("hand" view).
Jay's chisel box.
Added on 2007/03/14.
Added on 2006/11/12.
Added on 2006/11/12.
Added on 2006/11/12.
Jay's hand plane toolbox.
Added on 2006/11/12.
Added on 2006/11/12.
John's toolbox (open).
John's toolbox (with lid).
Jim's toolbox is the equivalence of a kitchen sink. He's got everything in there, including his daughter's finger puppet!
The inscriptions on the lid were done by Japanese daiku's at a previous Kezurou Kai event. "Live long and prosper" is the translation, we think... Actually, they are the names of the 3 daiku's.
Bob's chisel box.
Bob's toolbox. The partition inside is for storing handsaws.
Bob's toolbox. The chisel box fits snugly inside the toolbox.
Lee's chisel box.
Lee's saw stand.
Lee's chisel boxes and saw stand.
Lee's tool carrying case. Have tools, will travel is his motto.
The knock-down stands for the chisel boxes are of Yeung Chan's design.
Dismantling the chisel box stand.
Chisel boxes and stands fit inside a nice carrying case.
Donna's tool bag (top view).
Donna's tool bag (side view).