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Laney College's Japanese Hand Tools II Class - 2005/04/22

Jay ordered Katsusaburo planes for the class. Tesshinsai Hohraku is the plane smith who creates the Katsusaburo planes. The blades are 50mm wide (45mm at the cutting edge) and has Daiku Dojo marking. They are fitted on short dais made by Inomoto.

Daiku Dojo planes.
Daiku Dojo plane used to smooth the base of the flag pole.
The bulletin board being made for the Nikkei Matsuri Festival.
Jim tuning the dai for his new Katsusaburo.
Jay assembling the base of the flag pole.
Katsusaburo cutting edge.
"Daiku Dojo" marking.
Katsusaburo blade and matching chipbreaker.
Inomoto dai.