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Building Workbenches - January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11 of 2006

Laney College's Japanese Hand Tools II Class

Students in the advanced Japanese Hand Tools class are involved in making new workbenches for the workshop. The old workbenches were dismantled; their benchtops ripped in equal halves to serve as tops for the new benches. Groups of 3-4 students work together in building trestles from dimensioned lumbers.

Note: More recent photos are displayed first. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

2006/02/11 - The fifth day of the project.

2006/02/04 - The fourth day of the project.
(Left to right) Jim, Dan, and Donna assembling a trestle. Wooden wedges are used.
Jason drilling a hole in a stretcher which will house a bench bolt. Bench bolts are used instead of traditio nal joinery and wedges since they are easier to maintain - the benches will be used by other woodworking classes also.
Jason giving instruction on hole drilling for the bench bolts.
Jim driving a wedge home as Dan provides support.
Matt, Jason, and John attaching the legs to the bench top.
Rene checks the layout while John saws the tenon on a bench leg.
Bench by Philip, Bob, and Lee. Jim, Herman, and Dixon had also helped.
Jay is very happy with the results.

2006/01/28 - The third day of the project.
John mortising.
Bob mortising.
Jason mortising.
Rene paring. Herman coming out of the supply room.
Gene chopping a mortise.
Bob working on layout.
Jay describing his small polishing plane. Sensei has owned this plane since the early 80's. He's planning to order a similar plane with Katsuburo blade by Tesshinsai Horaku and dai by the famous dai maker Inamoto-san. The blade will have "Daiku Dojo" written on it. Students who are interested in getting a "Daiku Dojo" plane should let Jay know as soon as possible.
Jay instructing Jim on how to efficiently chop a mortise.
Matthew and Dixon at the sharpening station.
Jay's collection of waterstones which he generously shares with the class.
There are quite a few nice natural stones in this lot which Jay had acquired from Aquastone.

2006/01/21 - The second day of the project.
Lee checking squareness of bench leg.
Philip paring the tenon on a bench leg.
Herman cleaning up a mortise.
Matthew chopping a mortise. Jason in the foreground.
Donna chopping a mortise.
Jay at the grinder while Rene watches. Dan mortising and Wade sawing.
Jeff checking squareness of a through mortise.
Jim chopping a mortise.
John flattening a waterstone.
Dan chopping a mortise.
Everyone has a job to do.
Jason on a short break.
Barry preparing to crosscut the bench leg.
With the old workbenches removed, folks do their works on whatever furniture is available. Herman cuts mortises on a sawhorse.
Matthew is thinking, "Where's the mortiser?"
Philip checks the shoulder of a tenon.
Dixon crosscutting a bench leg. He's using a ryoba, which is a Japanese double-edge saw (one edge with rip teeth, the other with crosscut teeth).
Sensei Jay checks the edge of a plane blade as Rene looks on.
Sarah doing layout: 4 bu from the center line. Everything begins with the layout!
Barry crosscutting a bench leg from dimensioned stock.